Get the agreement nod from the payer for the healthcare service even before the service is performed. Pre-Authorization is a sure way to prevent payment delays, part-payments and denials. An authorization number on the claim form at the time of submitting  the claims is the best route to a clean claim.

The key to Pre-Authorization is the obtaining of the correct CPT code which is often a daunting task. So, leave it to us. QWay’s trained and highly professional team which works on getting the correct CPT by checking with the physician and working out the most possible scenarios. So stop chasing claim payments. Pre- Authorization means prompt payments.

Your coders may have done their job, but it will be up to the provider to obtain the necessary authorization. A claim denial or part –payment affects the provider and which is why our focus on getting the Pre-Auth for the procedure is complete and absolute when you outsource it to us.  We work with physicians, hospitals, insurance payers and outpatient facilities and ensure the necessary pre-certification requirements are intact to obtain the Pre-Auth.



A Pre-Auth can prevent:

  • Payment delays and denials
  • Ensures the patients gets the maximum benefit under the policy
  • Avoids pay –and-claim
  • Enables a better financial counselling session with the patient

QWay’s Pre-Auth service will have you free up time to focus more on patients and less on paper-work.


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