Insurance eligibility is a crucial and indispensable step in the medical billing process which in turn directly affects the reimbursement of a practice. Overlooking the process of verifying the patient eligibility with the insurance invariably leads to delays in payments, non-payment of claims, rejections and unhappy patients.



Clean Claims for Cash-flow

It is imperative at the preliminary stage of the revenue cycle management process to fix the Authorization and verification step, in order for a seamless flow of reimbursement. QWay Health’s eligibility verification process will verify the information that is relative to the patient’s screening process.

Our process clearly identifies:

  • Effective dates
  • Plan exclusions
  • Benefits
  • Coverage details
  • Co-pays and details of Co- Insurance
  • Pre- Auth Number
  • Patient Details as against details with the Insurance

Spotting gaps and errors in information are the first steps we take to get you up and running on the claims process. Eliminate uncollectable revenue with our highly effective Eligibility verification process.

  • Reduced A/R Days.
  • Clearer & Cleaner data on the billing system.
  • Low Co-Pay, Registration & billing errors.
  • Reduced billing & Collections cost.
  • Control bad debts & Improve patient satisfaction.
  • Aid a more effective patient financial counselling program.
  • Accelerate reimbursement & eradicate Rework.


We Respect Rules & Regulations


Compliance to HIPAA regulation


Robust quality system with stringent controls at highest standards of data security.

ISO 9001:2015

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