Do you think Healthcare AI companies are propelled by profits ? Can you estimate their development in the coming years !!

Artificial Intelligence has paved way for many industries in the world. Healthcare industry is one such sector in the recent times that has witnessed significant development in the field of Artificial Intelligence. No matter how fast healthcare AI companies are evolved, they have to strive their best to rank top in the industry.

Here goes the list of top 10 Healthcare AI companies :

  1. Google Health/Deep Mind
  2. IBM Watson Health
  3. Oncora Medical
  4. Cloud MedX Health
  5. Babylon Health
  6. Corti
  7. Butterfly Network
  8. Arterys
  9. Caption Health
  10. Enlitic

1. Google Health/Deep Mind:


  • Google Health was established in 2006 to provide Personal Health Record(PHR) services by connecting to doctors and hospitals as well as pharmacies directly.
  • It was one of the Artificial Intelligence companies in healthcare to provide information about medical conditions, directions to hospitals, medicine reminders and fitness progress.
  • It used AI to assist in diagnosing cancer, predicting patient outcomes, preventing blindness etc., and the ways to explore patient-care by using tools those were used by physicians.
  • The project was discontinued in 2012 and attempts were made to reopen in 2018,November. Unfortunately, it failed to re-establish.
  • Due to its obscurity and lack of capabilities, Google Health had failed in it’s online PHR services.
  • Deep Mind, an advance AI company had merged with Google Health lately. It’s a team with collaboration of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts.
  • They have joined Google Health to solve and tackle some most complicated healthcare’s problems.
  • By developing AI research and mobile tools, they create a positive impact on patient and hospitals.
  • Under the leadership of Dr.David Feinberg, they are now able to contribute towards improvement in the areas like app development, data security, cloud storage and support care teams to improve patient outcomes.


2. IBM Watson Health:


  • IBM Watson Health is one of the leading healthcare AI companies to have committed to build smarter healthcare systems with simple process, better care, faster break through and improved experiences for people around the world.
  • Through Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive computing, analytics, cloud storage and 3D printing, the healthcare system is undergoing a dramatic transformation.
  • They can assist with healthcare consulting services by evolving healthcare organizations into integrated ecosystems of providers, payers and researchers.
  • IBM also interacts with patients, caregivers and with the help of technology they focus on affordable healthcare at large scale.
  • It extends support to healthcare organizations those are changing their business and operating models from still-predominant fee for service to value based care and reimbursement in an effort to provide affordable, quality treatment at lower costs and achieve ultimate goal by improving patient care.


 3. Oncora Medical:


  • Oncora Medical is a digital healthcare company that uses adaptive data captive technology to identify and collect the data of each patient naturally in the physician’s workflow.
  • It uses real world data to fight cancer by improving quality and outcomes for cancer patients.
  • Their software technology allows to collect data and apply to all healthcare related decisions for the benefit of patient.
  • Oncora is a motivated group of data scientists, clinicians, machine learning experts and software developers that intensely focuses on improving the quality of radiation therapy treatments.


4. Cloud MedX Health:


  • Cloud MedX Health is a healthcare AI company which aims for an affordable, accessible and standardized healthcare for all the patients and doctors.
  • It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning to extract key medical concepts for EHR and serve them to physicians and hospitals to improve clinical operators, documentation and patient care.
  • The process is automated and repetitive. It turns qualified doctors, nurses, coders, billers and staff into data entry personals.
  • It has built an AI assistance with an aim to help physicians and patients own data to data driven decisions.


5. Babylon Health:


  • Babylon Health helps to solve a wide range of healthcare challenges with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Their AI technology can understand and recognize unique way of humans expressing their symptoms.
  • Babylon Health’s Knowledge Graph is one of the largest structured medical knowledge bases in the world.
  • It attempts to capture human knowledge on modern medicine and encoded for machines.
  • They follow NLP to interrupt, understand and use human language and patterns.


6. Corti:


  • Corti was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016. It has since then developed and spread across Europe, collaborating with talented and motivated team who are committed towards better patient care.
  • Corti mainly focuses on top medical organizations around the world with a motive to help them improve in their decision making.
  • It is an AI partner to help make life-saving decisions for emergency medical dispatches.
  • During medical interviews like emergency calls, Corti listens and analyzes the conversation in real time.
  • It also helps medical professionals diagnose illness and provides prompts for effective action by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning.
  • Corti isn’t designed for signals but trains itself by listening to sound from huge set of calls to identify and improve it’s model as it works.
  • It’s real time AI powered decision making system identifies significant factors in ongoing conversations and alerts healthcare or medical professionals in urgent instances like Cardiac arrest.


7. Butterfly Network:


  • Butterfly Network, Inc. is a AI company located in Connecticut, United States of America. It was founded in 2011 with a motive to provide healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world.
  • While access to imaging used to be expensive and luxury, Butterfly IQ is changing to create sustainable healthcare.
  • Butterfly IQ uses healthcare AI by providing Ultrasound tools that help make better decisions right beside the bed as patient care is foremost than just capturing an image.


8. Arterys:


  • Arterys is a Medical Imaging Cloud AI company with AI powered technology to transform the workflow with faster diagnosis and better outcomes.
  • It was founded in 2007 and has branches in San Francisco, Calgary and Paris.
  • They concentrate where clinical care is data-driven, intelligent and patient focused.
  • Arterys work to transform healthcare by reducing subjectivity and variability in clinical diagnosis.


9. Caption Health:


  • Caption Health was founded in 2013 to empower healthcare providers with new capabilities to acquire and interpret ultrasound exams.
  • Caption Health is the first and only healthcare AI company to be FDA authorized and AI-guided medical imaging acquisition system.
  • Their concept is to transform diagnostic healthcare by expanding access to highly qualified medical imaging in order to improve patient care and reduce cost.
  • The Caption Guidance Software uses AI to provide real-time guidance and allow healthcare providers capture diagnostic quality images to bring more benefits of Ultrasound to patients.


10. Enlitic:


  • Enlitic was founded in 2014. It builds AI deep learning technology for streaming radiologists workflow and upgrade healthcare diagnosis.
  • Enlitic is molding the next generation of diagnostic healthcare tools for patients around the world.
  • It also helps radiologists identify diseases and other medical issues more accurately.

These healthcare AI companies were started on the basis of providing smart and best services to the healthcare providers to create an impact on the future AI healthcare.