QWay Health enables EHR Companies, Doctors/Hospitals and Medical Billing Companies to provide better patient care experiences


Focus on your product development and sales, while we manage your client’s RCM services.


Prioritise your patient care and revenues while we focus on your Healthcare solutions.


Engage in acquiring new clients while we focus on your client's medical billing requirements.

Strong Global Workforce
Charts Coded Annually
$100 Million
AR Transactions Annually
Billing Systems


Quality, Quantity and Quick processes are the three standards that are imperative for a billing company to function. We call us QWay Health because of these attributes that we bring to the Medical Billing Service industry.


“The devil is in the detail” – Quality is included in the tiniest detail delivered by us. At QWay Health transmission of information from one partner to another is secure and accurate, to the last detail.


Our business model, when it comes to delivering on services, is highly scalable. Productivity and Efficiency are two important factors that we keep a close watch on, no matter the scale of the project.


“Time is money”- Timely delivery and a quicker turn-around-time is an important discipline that forms the corner stone at QWay Health. Our process is Prompt and responses swift.


Customer-Based in Texas

Adam Winberg

Developing Officer

I have had a very positive experience with my billing team! Accounts are continuously moving forward, and if I have questions or issues they are addressed quickly. You guys are consistently been easy to approach, very helpful, clearly communicated needs from me as the provider, and works quickly to address mistakes, as well as following up with the team to avoid mistakes in the future. I have been very happy with the Billing Services and am working to get my colleagues to sign up!

Customer Based in California

Krishnan D


Consistently, the billing team continues to provide us with accurate, precise billing resolutions and stellar customer service skills. We love working with your team, and feel you are all in tune with our company and its financial needs. The attention to detail is 100% and routinely provides us with updated information, clear communication and timely resolution in all matters. I would like to take this opportunity to share our gratitude and continued appreciation. Thank you !

Customer based in Maryland

Krishnan D


I just wanted to take a minute today to let you all know what a fantastic job you and your team are doing. When you first started we were having a lot of problems billing, collection and reporting. Since then however you all have been absolutely fantastic about turning things around. Not only have you met my requests for changes and transitioned into the routines seamlessly but you all have gone over and above my best expectations. It is truly your hard work and dedication that have turned our medical billing around. Now our company is doing very well. Our billing is higher than ever last month we reached our monthly target. I think everyone is really excited about the new changes that we have all implemented around here. Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thank you and keep up the great work!

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013
RBMA Corporate Partner

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